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After years of frequenting the farmers markets in NYC, but only buying a few supplemental ingredients here or there, I decided to be experimental and work dishes around what is in season or looks particularly mouthwatering at the market that day. Green seems to be the buzz word these days from NYC to the White House, and the eat local movement is in full swing. My attempt here is to buy as many ingredients as possible from a the farmers market, and then occasionally supplement with locally produced ingredients from chain markets around the city. Most of the recipes I post (except for the baking recipes) are either things I created myself, or variations on recipes I've found elsewhere. I hope that you take the recipes and shopping tips here and they inspire you to do your own local cooking.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Borough, New Markets

Just wanted to give an update on the semi-long hiatus. FFM will be returning by the weekend, with a possible post tomorrow night. I'm officially moved into the new apartment, and despite my lack of a kitchen table at the moment, my kitchen is fully set up and ready to cook. I hope in the mean time everyone is taking advantage of the fall produce that is popping up everywhere.

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